The easiest way to make travel stories together with friends!

Use power and simplicity of Telegram to create amazing reports from your travel group chats. Save texts and photos on-the-go! Your travel buddies dont need to sign up!

How does it work

Usually it is difficult to make a story about your travel after you arrived home. You will have no time and will forget a lot about your emotions within a short time after travel. And it is almost impossible to ask your friends to help you with story.

Our Telegram bot provides you an ability to save your and your friends emotions during your trip via group chat. You need just a few minutes to set it up for your upcoming travel. Your buddies don't need to sign up to Tripogram service!

Before travel
  • Create your travel page on Tripogram and add destinations
  • Set up Telegram group chat for your trip and add friends
  • Add tripogram_bot to your group chat
During travel
  • Use Telegram group chat to share text and photos to our bot
  • Forward messages to our bot from other chats
  • No one of group chat members needs to have Tripogram account!
After travel
  • Use our online editor to finally make a great story
  • Publish your story via Tripogram or
  • Export it to other services or save as PDF!
A word about pricing

Currently all stories made with Tripogram are free. We are planning to set up a price for large stories. Previously made stories will remain available when we will set up paid options.

Free stories

We will always have free option to create stories with limitations on photos, members and destinations count.

Paid stories

This option will let you get rid of any limitations!

Frequently asked questions

Still have questions? Feel free to write us an email!

Can I use Tripogram for my finished trips?
Yes! We have great online editor where you can write texts and upload photos together with friends.
Do you support other messengers?
We choosed Telegram as most popular and powerful messenger. Anyway we have plans to add support of other messengers as well.
What if I want to add more photos after the trip?
You can edit your story at any time after publishing it.